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My name is Philippe and I’m the proud owner of PLUS FIT Accessories (PLUS FIT). As an avid fan of health and fitness, I started a similar company called Logoless.ca in the summer of 2014 in hopes of providing other fitness enthusiasts some very simple and affordable tools to help them reach their fitness goals. Over the years Logoless.ca has grown and adapted to consumer and market demand, and in 2018 we created  PLUS FIT!

We decided to change the name of the company to PLUS FIT in order to reflect our mission; more fit! Our products are designed for anyone regardless of age, experience, and fitness level. We will also be posting several videos to demonstrate the use of our products. Whether your goal is to lift more, lose weight, or simply start your fitness training journey, we are here every step of the way!

While maintaining a close relationship with my manufacturers, we tested many different products and we’re very happy with the new therapeutic products we now offer. All of these products were tested and highly-praised by several professional physiotherapists. This past summer we organized a series of free outdoor boot camps in nearby parks to help promote fitness and physical exercise in neighboring communities. Using our products as the basis, we were able to create a multitude of different training sessions and the response was incredible!

Where does PLUS FIT go from here? We would like to expand our product line and offer a wider range of fitness tools and tips; such as creating a blog with helpful to training tips and motivational videos to help you in your fitness journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our company and what we wish to accomplish.




PLUS FIT Founder

Ball Bearing Speed Jump Rope - 16cm - PLUS FITNESS Accessories