Mini Blue Resistance Band - Light

PLUS FIT Accessories Black mini resistance band (strong) ideal to add resistance to stretching, squats, lunges and, even burpees – your imagination is the only limit. Resistance up to 6.8 kg.

Mini Blue Resistance Band

★ Blue (light) - Mini Resistance Bands are 30 cm long which is shorter version of our standard 104 cm exercise bands. Shorter bands can be easier to set up as they don't require the band to be doubled over to get the tension you need.

★ Made from 100% natural latex, our bands are just as durable as they are functional. Use them to add resistance to lunges, squats and even burpees – your imagination is the only limit.

★Our short loop resistance bands are a great travel companion too. Toss them in your gym bag, car or suitcase and stay fit no matter where you are. Great for stretching, yoga, Pilates and physical therapy.

★ You’ve got options: Add resistance bands together to increase the resistance and perform a vast array of exercises and movements.

Material: 100% natural latex

BLUE 30 cm 5 cm 0.5 mm 4.5 - 6.8 kg (Light)