Ball Bearing Speed Jump Rope – Aluminum – 16cm


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Skipping rope is an excellent calorie-burner. It can be used almost anywhere. Our ball bearing jump rope allow the handle to spin in a 360° range. This means less friction and restrictions.

Each rope includes a set of nuts and bolts. These are used to lengthen or shorten the rope, depending on your height and preference. The ridges on the 16cm aluminum handles allows a firm grasp to avoid having it slip out of your hands.

Our speed skipping rope is perfect for Crossfit, MMA, boxing, double unders or any conditioning program.


Not recommended to use on rough surfaces since it will damage/cut the wire.

Handle Color: Blue
Handle material: Aluminum
Handle weight: 70g
Handle size: 16cm (excluding 3cm ball bearing)
Wire Color: Dark Blue
Wire material: Steel cable nylon coating
Wire length: 3m
Wire width: 2.5mm


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